Rolling Out SKY WORK to Your Company

You  have device profiles, devices, and employees set up in SKY WORK, now it’s time to let the whole company know about SKY WORK and how it’s going to help secure your company, your teams, and your information. If you haven’t already you might like our two-part BYOD series: Part 1 why BYOD works and Part 2 how to do it right. To help your employees understand why you’re doing it we have this post  that answers a lot of employee’s BYOD and MDM questions. Resources:

Example email to send to employees

Feel free to copy and modify this email to suit your needs and company:


Today we’re going to start rolling out SKY WORK Mobile Device Management to employees starting with [Department/Group]. Mobile device management allows us to secure and protect devices we use here for work, while still making sure your personal information is not affected.

You will receive a SKY WORK activation email with information how to install SKY WORK onto your phone. We recommend opening the email on your laptop so you can scan your personal login code with the camera on your phone. You can read the documentation for installing SKY WORK on your phone from the SKY WORK website.

Why are we doing this?

We’ve all read in the news about one company or another being hacked or sensitive company data leaked onto the internet. SKY WORK will help protect us from these very real threats by setting minimum security standards on all devices, limit apps that are installed on company-owned devices, and allow us to remotely erase company data from devices if they are lost or stolen. We’re also helping everyone be more productive by automatically installing the apps we all need to get our jobs done and offer a list of optional apps you might find helpful.

SKY WORK can’t prevent all hacks on our company or devices, but it’s an essential part of improving our security—and protecting all of us—at the company.

Answers to common questions:

Do I have to install this on my personal phone? Yes if you wish to keep using company email on your device. Please discuss this with your manager if you need to access to company email, don’t wish to install SKY WORK on your personal device, and don’t have a company-owned phone.

Can you see my personal photos or messages or apps? No. We can’t see, modify, or delete any app on your personal device you’ve installed yourself. We can’t see your address book, text messages, or any other personal information on your phone. On company-owned devices, we can remotely erase the entire device if it’s lost or stolen, but we cannot see the data stored on the device. You can learn more about how SKY WORK and an MDM helps protect you and us in this post from the SKY WORK blog—So Your Company Wants You to Install an MDM.

How long will it take to install? About 10–15 minutes on most devices. Make sure your device is fully charged (or plugged in) and connected to Wi-Fi before you start. You won’t be able to use your device while SKY WORK is installing. When the install is complete, several apps will automatically install onto your phone.

If you have any questions or concerns about SKY WORK, please let me or your manager know.


[Friendly neighborhood IT person]

Best practices and tips for rolling out SKY WORK

  • Test on a number of devices. Android and iOS devices have slightly different installation steps. Make sure, if you can, you’ve installed SKY WORK on a few devices to have a feel for the process and be able to answer employee questions when they come up.
  • Communication is essential. The more information and lead time you give employees, the better. Smartphones are extremely personal devices intimately tied into all facets of a person’s life, people want assurance their phones, banking information, and personal messages can’t be accessed.
  • Talk with people in person. You can answer a lot of questions ahead of time if you start telling people about SKY WORK before you send your first “SKY WORK is coming…” email.
  • Stress that you cannot see, alter, or delete personal information on personal phones. You can’t remind people enough about this.
  • Start small. Introduce SKY WORK to small groups of people at a time. For example start with your IT team (or most techie people in the company), then expand.
  • Add essential apps first, secure productivity second. Our secure productivity app suite will help your teams work securely wherever they are, but they are also new apps for people to get used to. Start managing devices first, then add the next layer of protection.
  • Share the documentation. A lot of people like to follow steps and know what’s coming next.
  • Share the blog post for employees. “Office Security: Why Your Job Wants You Using an MDM” was written to explain the benefits of an MDM to employees.
  • Set expectations. Make sure people know why SKY WORK is important (privacy and security) and, again,  you cannot see or alter anything on their personal devices.

As always you can get help and ask questions via live chat or email at When you’d like to try our secure productivity suite, contact us via email or live chat on SKY WORK and we’ll help you get going and add it to your account.