MobileIron vs SKY WORK Product Comparison

MobileIron and SKY WORK approach device management with different approaches. Depending how customized a solution you need will determine the right solution for you.


MobileIron provides endpoint security that is transparent to the end user so security becomes a core part of doing business and working.
MobileIron provides three things: a unified endpoint management solution, productivity suite, and mobile threat defence. Each of these parts make up the whole of MobileIron’s mobility solution and are packaged and priced separately.

Cost and Pricing

MobileIron is a premium-priced enterprise MDM offering. No pricing is available on their website as all pricing is based on receiving a quote from a MobileIron sales person. Pricing varies depending on the type and size of business plus the feature set needed. Setup and onboarding fees are added to the total cost of the product charges and based on the product cost (i.e. the more you are paying for MobileIron, the more the setup and onboarding fees will be). Depending on which features you choose, you can expect to pay more than other products. Because MobileIron is quote-based, it’s not possible to give side-by-side cost comparisons.

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MobileIron Key Features:

  • Threat Analysis that detects jailbroken, rooted devices
  • Insight into which apps are installed on devices
  • Device scanning for protecting devices
  • Support of major device enrollment: Apple DEP, Knox Mobile Enrollment and Microsoft Windows Autopilot
  • Enforcement of security policies such as disabling microphone and camera
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SKY WORK is a pay-as-you-go SaaS device management solution that offers enterprise-grade features comparable to MobileIron. SKY WORK, however, has a clear pricing structure so you can quickly calculate how much SKY WORK will cost your organization. Using SKY WORK you can grow and shrink your plan as you need to and flexibly manage the number of users, devices, and extra features like secure productivity and collaboration licenses.

Cost and Implementation

SKY WORK offers a free self-serve model for up to 15 users. You can get started right away and get all the benefits of SKY WORK, including a free 30-day trial of BlackBerry Dynamics (after 30 days, $15/user/month), with just an email address. SKY WORK doesn’t require a credit card to for the BlackBerry Dynamics trial. As you grow, you can choose a self-service or managed plan that meets your needs. Self-serve solutions start at $1/user/month and managed solutions at $3/user/month.

SKY WORK offers online training guides and 24/7 support at no extra cost. SKY WORK provides onboarding guides and instructions via email with all levels of the service, including free.

SKY WORK is a SaaS MDM, so there are no additional IT hardware infrastructure requirements needed for implementation. Implementing SKY WORK with a team of 10-20 people can be done in a day or two. SKY WORK does not require significant training to implement and step-by-step documentation is available as well as live chat support.

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SKY WORK has a single, intuitive dashboard for an at-a-glance summary of your security settings, devices, users, and device statuses. Adding employees, device, or device groups (a combination of security policies and applications) takes only a few clicks no matter where you are in SKY WORK.

SKY WORK is an enterprise-grade MDM with pre-defined security levels (Normal, Medium, and High) that were created by device management experts with the right balance of security and ease of use for the majority of people. If you need specific, tailored security restrictions—like disabling Bluetooth—SKY WORK support can create and update new security levels for you.

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SKY WORK Key Features:

  • A single device management dashboard to control security policies and settings
  • Secure productivity apps provided by BlackBerry Dynamics
  • Set of curated security policies from the start
  • Device compliance monitoring
  • One-click silent deployment of mandatory apps


MobileIron is a powerful device management solution developed for complex enterprise environments. Because MobileIron wants to tailor a solution to the customer, there is a quoting process for determining what parts of the system are required. On top of the cost of the product are additional costs for onboarding and support.

SKY WORK provides enterprise-grade device management, like MobileIron, but with a clear and affordable pricing structure. Organizations can opt for a free plan (up to 15 users), self-service (users 16+ are charged $1/user/month), and managed solutions through a SKY WORK reseller ($3/user/month). SKY WORK support and onboarding are included at no additional charge.


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