MaaS360 vs SKY WORK Product Comparison

Two products with diverse and powerful feature sets. The scale and complexity of your company and your budget will determine which product is right for you.


IBM Maas360 is an established player in the unified endpoint management space. IBM Maas360 device management solution automates specific tasks for IT teams. Maas360 includes Watson artificial intelligence providing in-depth analytics and information into your existing IT infrastructure. Maas360 analyzes endpoints to detect vulnerabilities and ultimately eliminate risk across an organization.

Maas360 includes all the features expected in enterprise-grade MDMs from automated analytics to secure productivity apps, the software includes an extensive features set. Once a business enrolls into the system and starts using Maas360, Watson conducts a scan of structured and unstructured data sources to provide insight on where vulnerabilities may lie.

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Pricing and Deployment

Maas360 lies on the higher end of the price scale. Starting at $4 per device, and extending upwards to $9 per device. IBM offers pricing for users with multiple devices, starting at $8 per user to $18 per user. The cost of rolling out Maas360 could be significant in large organizations or organizations with a mobile workforce dependent on multiple devices (e.g. laptop and smartphone) for day-to-day work.

Where Maas360 falters is in the complexity of the software. The sheer number of options and configurations are overwhelming for many users. Without significant IT resources, it would be difficult to implement Maas360 and fully leverage its vast feature set.

Maas360 Key Features:

  • Watson AI analytics to provide real-time insights and automated reports and compliance notifications
  • Support for Android, iOS, Windows and Ruggedized devices
  • Secure Apps and Data (Web, Content Management, Email, File sharing)
  • Quick deployment of apps to devices
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SKY WORK eliminates the biggest obstacle companies face implementing secure device management for their mobile teams—the overwhelming complexity of settings and features that require IT resources to implement. Unlike Maas360, SKY WORK is designed for organizations with limited IT resources to implement and support an MDM. There are no complex technical hosting requirements or steep learning curves required to get the most out of the security and device management features available in SKY WORK.

Cost and Implementation

SKY WORK offers a free self-serve model for up to 15 users. You can get started right away and get all the benefits of SKY WORK, including a free 30-day trial of BlackBerry Dynamics (after 30 days, $15/user/month), with just an email address. SKY WORK doesn’t require a credit card to for the BlackBerry Dynamics trial. As you grow, you can choose a self-service or managed plan that meets your needs. Self-serve solutions start at $1/user/month and managed solutions at $3/user/month.

SKY WORK is a SaaS MDM, so there are no additional IT hardware infrastructure requirements needed for implementation. Implementing SKY WORK with a team of 10-20 people can be done in a day or two. SKY WORK does not require significant training to implement and step-by-step documentation is available as well as live chat support.

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SKY WORK has a single, intuitive dashboard for an at-a-glance summary of your security settings, devices, users, and device statuses. Adding employees, device, or device groups (a combination of security policies and applications) takes only a few clicks no matter where you are in SKY WORK. SKY WORK offers online training guides and 24/7 support.

Eliminating complexity has not come at the cost of security. SKY WORK is an enterprise-grade MDM built after a decade of experience securing and managing tens of thousands of devices. Pre-defined security levels (Normal, Medium, and High) were created by device management experts with the right balance of security and ease of use for the majority of people. If you need specific, tailored security restrictions—like disabling Bluetooth—SKY WORK support can create and update new security levels for you.

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SKY WORK Key Features:

  • A single device management dashboard to control security policies and settings
  • Secure productivity apps provided by BlackBerry Dynamics
  • Set of curated security policies from the start
  • Device compliance monitoring
  • One-click silent deployment of mandatory apps


If you need to support thousands of users, require robust reporting, want to automate systems, or have IT resources/infrastructure Maas360 might be a good solution for your organization. Maas360 has a robust feature set, but without significant IT resources and dedicated time to learn the platform, many features will be underutilized.

SKY WORK was created to secure mobile teams for businesses who need a solid, understandable solution that is easy to use and administer. SKY WORK doesn’t try to solve every problem large organizations might have. Whether you’re just starting your business, or a large organization, SKY WORK is designed to scale to any size. SKY WORK is especially well suited to companies with limited IT resources and infrastructure.

IBM Maas360 pricing could be a significant barrier to organizations. With costs between $4–18/user large organizations could pay a significant amount to implement Maas360 in licensing costs alone. SKY WORK, on the other hand, starts with a free plan for up to 15 users and grows to $1–3 per user depending on if you choose self-serve or managed options. SKY WORK allows you to tailor your implementation with additional solutions like secure productivity apps and secure collaboration tools.


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