Secure Communications That Mean Business 1

Your communications aren’t as secure as you think.

Today you can’t be so sure. Protecting your communications, data, and customers starts with protecting devices and using secure apps for email, documents, and chat.

This is where SKY WORK Ultra comes in.

Three parts. One secure system. Complete communications security.

Secure Communications That Mean Business 2

Protect Company Devices

Know who has what devices. Set security profiles by role or department. Remotely lock or erase devices if they are lost or stolen.

Secure Communications That Mean Business 3

Work Securely Anywhere

BlackBerry Dynamics and Workspaces are the leading solutions for secure email, document management, and document editing.

Secure Communications That Mean Business 4

Communicate Privately

Sky Messenger is the most secure communications solution available. Complete confidence your messages cannot be compromised by anyone, anytime, anywhere.

We believe all communications should be secure

SKY WORK Ultra gives you an easy-to-manage suite of tools for securing your communications, your devices, your documents, and more. Secure email, secure browsing, secure collaboration, and the most secure chat solution available.

Protect more than your communications, but everything that surrounds them as well.

Secure Communications That Mean Business 5

Protecting your communications—and your—company doesn’t need to be difficult.

If you use secure email, but your devices are vulnerable to key logging malware, then your email isn’t secure. If you attach a document to an email without controls on what someone can do with it, then that document can fall into the wrong hands.

It takes a holistic approach to security to close security loopholes, reduce vulnerabilities, and mitigate threats from hackers and cyber attacks.

SKY WORK Ultra is a suite of security tools built to secure your devices, your documents, and all your communications giving you peace of mind what you say stays private.

The world of work has changed, but we haven’t changed security to keep up

We’ve gone from “work happens in the office” to “work happens wherever you are”.

Smartphones, tablets, and laptops let employees work anywhere, but that flexibility has come at the cost of security. Smartphones are one of the largest attack surfaces hackers use to breach organizations. A single person opening an email and clicking a link can start a cascade of attacks that could cripple an organization.

SKY WORK Ultra looks at the whole system, not just a single facet like email or documents. Enabling secure mobile productivity means protecting the device and providing secure productivity tools to get the job done.

SKY WORK Ultra provides secure email, document collaboration, browsing, notes, tasks, and the most secure mobile chat application available into a single solution.

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