Painless Device Security & App Provision with Device Profiles

One of the hardest parts of device management is managing security settings—we’ve done the work for you.

In every device management system we’ve looked at, the section for creating device security profiles—i.e. what devices can and can’t do—is gobsmackingly opaque. Not hard. Not challenging. Opaque.

Hundreds of choices available for every kind of device. Some only for iPhones, some only for Android devices, some for Mac laptops, some for Windows laptops. We get confused looking at all the options. That isn’t right. So we looked at all the settings and made three profiles you can pick from: Basic, Medium, and High.

Then we made it easy for you to create groups you can use for each department or groups of people (like your executive team or IT). And we let you set required apps everyone has automatically installed and other recommended apps people can pick from.

Let’s create some profiles!

  1. From your SKY WORK Dashboard click “Device Settings” on the left-hand side
  2. Click “Add Device Group”
  3. Give your device group a name. You can create device groups for different groups of users (Executives, Developers, Support) or departments (Marketing, Sales, IT), how you organize your device groups is up to you, but give the group a name you’ll recognize
  4. Choose the Security Level for the group. You can choose from High, Medium, or Low. As you select different security levels you will see what each level does. For example Low security allows for simple 6 character device passcodes but High security requires a 10 character passcode with letters, numbers, and haven’t used in the past 15 months.
  5. Add Mandatory (will automatically be installed) and Optional apps in the Application Provisioning section. We recommend making the productivity apps your company or departments rely on as Mandatory apps so everyone will have them.
  6. Click “Add Device Group” to save

That’s it! When you add your employees to SKY WORK add them to your device groups as you go. If you’re uploading a list of employees to add all at once to SKY WORK, you can set their device group in the upload file.

You can always edit Device Groups to change the security, add or remove apps, or change other details (like the name). Before adding employees to SKY WORK, we suggest you edit the Default device group with some basic settings of your own. Because all new users will automatically be added to the Default device group, if you forget to assign someone to a group or bulk upload users, everyone will have a basic set of options and apps.