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Welcome to the SKY WORK Blog 1

This isn’t your typical first-post-on-a-new-blog post. Usually you read the welcome post and there isn’t much else for a while. Not us. We’re different. This isn’t actually the first post on the blog, it’s the seventh. We knew launching a blog with a single post and making you wait for the next (and the next and the next) would be, well, boring. So our team wrote a few posts to get things started:


The SKY WORK blog is written for people who want to learn and keep up with technology, privacy, security, and productivity, but aren’t technical themselves. SKY WORK is a Mobile Device Management (MDM) service designed for companies who have limited IT resources and expertise, so that’s exactly who these posts are for—technical posts for non-technical people.

With this collection of posts we hope will engage, entertain and educate you on mobility solutions so you and your employees can be more productive without compromising security.

We hope you enjoy the posts we’ve written so far and look forward to your comments and feedback.