Adding More Devices to SKY WORK

You’ve added a device or two, you’ve created some device profiles, and you’ve added more employees to SKY WORK; now let’s add some more devices to SKY WORK.

Adding more personal devices

If your employees use their own devices at work (Bring Your Own Device or BYOD), adding their devices to SKY WORK is simple.

  1. Add the employee as a user if you haven’t already.
  2. From the employee’s profile page, click “Add Personal Device”.
  3. Select if it’s a phone or laptop.
  4. Click Submit.

The employee will receive an email and follow the same steps you did when you added your first personal device to SKY WORK.

Adding corporate devices

For you as the SKY WORK administrator there are some additional steps required to add a corporate device compared to a personal/BYOD device. It’s essential that corporate devices are brand new or freshly reset to factory settings. You cannot use a previously set up device—even if your company owns it—as a “corporate device”. To set up Apple devices as corporate devices, you must either use Apple DEP or have a Mac you can use to supervise the device with Apple Configurator 2.

For your employees setting up a corporate device is just like setting up a personal device, except they are starting with a brand new device instead of one they are already using.

General steps:

  1. Add devices under the Corporate Devices section
  2. Assign the device to an employee via their user profile

Adding a single corporate device:

  1. Click on Corporate Devices.
  2. Click “Add Device”.
  3. Select the type of device (phone or laptop).
  4. Give the device a label (choose default or create one like “Sales”).
  5. Give the device a name (like iPhone X).
  6. If you are adding a phone, enter the IMEI number (found on the phone’s box). If you are adding a laptop you need to add the MAC address.
  7. Click Next.
  8. If you don’t want to assign the device to an employee right now Click Next. If you want to assign the device to an employee now, click the “Yes” button, choose the employee, and click next. (You can choose not to send the activation email right away by clicking “Not Send”).
  9. Click Add Device.

Bulk adding corporate devices:

To bulk add devices to SKY WORK, you just need to upload a CSV file with the type of device, label, and IMEI or MAC address. You can download the template from SKY WORK or here

  1. Click on Corporate Devices.
  2. Click on “Bulk Add Devices”.
  3. Click “Upload CSV file”. You’ll be prompted to locate the file to upload.
  4. The file will be read and if there are errors, they will be highlighted. If there are errors you will need to edit the CSV file and then re-upload it to SKY WORK.
  5. If the file is okay, the devices will be listed. You can then assign devices to employees here or under the “Users” section.

That’s it! Now you’re ready for the next big step—rolling SKY WORK out to your company.

As always you can get help and ask questions via live chat or email at